know you can be better – a fully functioning person. 

You want to function better as a person;

You want to achieve more and be more successful;

You want to live a more meaningful life – a life with purpose.

You want to feel more fulfilled;

You want to be less self-centred and more contributing.

can help you:

  • Discover what kind of work energises you. What kind of tasks you are good at and will deliver exceptional results doing?
  • Understand how to lay the foundation for your wealth creation; 
  • Build a strong self-esteem as a foundation on which to build your life and career;
  • Develop self-confidence and courage to attain career or business success;
  • As a Career Coach or an Executive Coach;
  • Master goal setting for success and achievement;
  • On your quest to finding your Life Purpose.

Personal Mastery

The steps of the holistic Heads-up Life approach represents Personal Mastery.

The Health Step – A healthy mind, requires a healthy brain.  Your functioning as a person depends on the optimum levels of brain chemicals.  Similar to your body, that often needs to have some of its levels of vitamins, minerals and other chemicals adjusted, your brain also may need its levels of cranial chemicals adjusted.  Correcting the levels of your brain chemicals are often the fastest way of correcting problems that hinder you from functioning at full capacity.

With a healthy brain and healthy mind, you can effectively develop yourself to reach your full potential.

The Survival Step relates to Maslow's Basic Needs.  It involves learning coping mechanisms and strategies for development.  

The Foundation Step represents addressing the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that hinder you from achieving your personal vision.  Whether it is simply bad habits or more serious disorders such as depression, OCD, ADHD, or any of the many hindrances that many of us experience, one can, either cure them or at minimum master their negative influence on your functioning as a person.

The Empowerment Step represents  the final step in Personal Mastery.  It starts with self-insight – getting to know who you are; what your strengths and weaknesses are; what you are, and are not good at; what type of tasks energise you and which ones drain you.  You develop a strong self-image, self-love and self-esteem.  Learn about confidence and develop self-confidence.

Become a valued contributor to your employer or learn how to start your own business or grow your business into a sustainable enterprise enjoying real business achievement.

Master Goal setting for Success and reach for your personal life vision.


The Transformation Door of the holistic Heads-up Life approach represents your transformation from a life mainly concerned with self-interest to a life that focuses more on the common good of your community or for all people.

Please do not view the one as positive and the other as negative – they represent a natural path of personal development.  We do first need Personal Mastery before we can Transform and, for most people, it does take a large part of our adult life to reach that point in our personal development.

According to Barrett, transformation involves you functioning at the levels of consciousness of Internal Cohesion, Making a Difference and Service.  According to Maslow, your focus is on cognitive needs, aesthetic needs, self-actualisation and eventually, Transcendence.

Your personal development is focused on finding meaning in existence, making a positive difference in the world and selfless service (Barrett, 1998).